Michael Joseph Menard

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About the Book

A Fish in Your Ear: The New Discipline of Project Portfolio Management is the ultimate guide to improving project selection process. This book is for senior managers and executives who are responsible for the long-term profitability of their companies. Companies are the projects they do. And nothing is more important than choosing the right ones.

This book will show you what you need, what to avoid, and give you holistic view of a repeatable process to uncover previously hidden value. Once you've read A Fish in Your Ear, you'll be clear about the dilemmas facing executive leadership today. You'll be able to identify common traps. You'll learn about project design, allocating value to criteria, understand why big sweaty meetings should be a thing of the past, and the difference between portfolio and project optimization. You'll see how new frontiers in data visualization show new and clearer views of future probabilities and consequences of selections. You'll discover a proven and repeatable process for effective selection- those projects with a high probability of achieving long-term capital efficient profitable growth. Of course you'll learn the relationship between fish, ears, and why this has anything at all to do with a serious business topic.

A Fish in Your Ear is written in three sections: Choosing, The New Discipline, and Humans. The first section explores decision making and intended for executive leadership. The New Discipline is for project portfolio management practitioners. It's written in plain and accessible English. The last section, Humans, is a road map of how to deal with the human side of change as new project portfolio management capability is implemented.

A Fish in Your Ear is an easy-to-read, clear and witty guide to a difficult, complex, and topic: the topic vital to survival and success of organizations today. There is too much riding on project and portfolio selection to get it wrong. Read this book. Laugh and learn.